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Patreon site is live!
Added by Sterling Heibeck on 11/16/2017

Our patreon site is now live. 

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Patreon for The Procurator
Added by Sterling Heibeck on 11/3/2017

A Patreon is coming for The Procurator.

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Server Migration
Added by Sterling Heibeck on 10/19/2017

We've migrated to a new server today.

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Fate of Waeteria
Added by Sterling Heibeck on 12/5/2016

Our new game, Fate of Waeteria, is being entered in the Adventure Challenge competition at

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Euangelion goes gold
Added by Sterling Heibeck on 7/14/2015

I found a shiny new package on our doorstep this afternoon ... a print version of Euangelion courtesy of

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Darktier Studios is located in Grand Rapids, MI. We create roleplaying Games, roleplaying game supplements, table-top games and game related tools on the web. This is a part-time gig and we do it for the love of gaming. Sitting down at the table with your friends and family is a great way to build relationships and learn valuable skills that apply to all areas of life.

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