Fate of Waeteria

Fate of Waeteria
A fragile peace is left in the wake of a thousands year old war. The Aquatarians thre as a political and economic power house, having mastered the sea. The Stratospherians control the skies with their militaristic lifestyle and massive flying boats. The volatile Fyrians, wield the power of fire and hold an age-old animosity and jealousy toward the dominate Aquatarians; a splinter group are even rumored to control the terrorist organization called The Ring of Fire. The Metallon, an industrious folk with the power to mold metal, have a stranglehold on trade and weapon crafting. They hide themselves away in the well protected Temple, an industrial-religious compound fronted by the First Nautical Church. And the Terrane, a reclusive sect with power over the element of earth, are the smallest of the factions. They have remained distant, searching vainly for dry land somewhere in the vast sea. Rumors say they are in league with the mysterious and prophetic Mystics and that their earth powers caused the epic deluge that flooded the earth. Welcome to Wæteria… Inspired by the award-winning Fate roleplaying game, Fate of Wæteria is a cooperative game of adventure for 2 to 4 players. You and your friends play characters that live in the world of Wæteria seeking adventure and fame. The five major empires of the world are all vying for power and have sought you out to help them. The game consists of rounds of play where the players help each other overcome issues to complete missions. The goal of each session of play will be to complete one mission, which takes approximately one hour.
Author(s): Sterling Heibeck

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